What We Do

Looking for help with a puzzling pain problem? Maybe we can help!

We’ve built our reputation on the diagnosis and treatment of difficult pain problems.

Corrective Care offers more than just pain “management”

At Corrective Care, we look at the total person to identify and treat the underlying problem. Our goal is to help eliminate the pain and restore health and mobility.

We provide complete medical treatment for many pain problems, including:

We offer a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, including:

Bridging the gap between mainstream and complementary medicine, we successfully blend traditional medicine with progressive treatment procedures to obtain positive results on a consistent basis – often reducing the need for other, more costly treatment options.

We identify the cause of the pain, and through corrective treatment help enhance the body’s ability to heal. We strive to restore strength and mobility, regain proper range of motion and decrease fatigue. This helps the patient’s overall health and physical condition to improve so he/she can resume the quality of life they enjoyed before the onset of the pain problem.