Injection Therapies


Prolotherapy Injection Therapy

An injection treatment that has been shown to safely and effectively relieve chronic low back pain and pain in degenerated joints. The affected cartilage, ligament or tendon area is injected with a solution which stimulates the growth of healthy, strong new connective tissue that helps strengthen weak or damaged areas.. As the affected tendon or ligament grows stronger, the patient feels less pain and achieves greater strength and endurance. Read More

Ozone Injection Therapy

Ozone injections have been proven effective in the treatment of lumbar disk herniation, sciatic pain and degenerative disk disease of the lumbar spine. We treat arthritic joints, chronically injured tendons and ligaments that have failed to respond to conservative care and to the paraspinal areas of those with chronic spine pain who cannot (or do not wish to) undergo surgical treatment.

Other Injection Therapies

Other injections that are performed by Dr. Cantieri are: ultrasound guided joint injections utilizing proliferants or steriods, as well as standard trigger point injections.